Keeping you on the Road

Prevention is always better than cure so try to make sure that you keep your car serviced regularly, this will not only help to avoid those unexpected breakdowns, but a comprehensive service history completed by a team of professionals such as Pratt Brothers will help your vehicle to retain its value.

You don't have to be going on a long journey before you check your oil and other levels.

Make sure that you ask Pratt Brothers to check all your fluid levels regularly and help to avoid any engine, gearbox or other potentially expensive damage.

Speed bumps and pot holes affect many towns and cities around the country and unfortunately Harrogate is not immune.


At Pratt Brothers, no job is too small or too large and whatever part you need if we don't have an immediate replacement, we will order and fit one as quickly and economically as possible.


No matter how vigilant and careful we are, from time to time our vehicles will break down.


When a business is owned by the family who also run it on a day to day basis it stands to reason that the level of customer care and quality of service will be of the highest order.


Pratt Brothers of Harrogate is exactly that and we have a long history of providing a compete repair service at an extremely competitive cost in the shortest space of time.


Cars of all makes, models and generations are sent out on a daily basis back to their best.


..... and that's how it should be.

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