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Can we confidently say that we all fully understand when our tyres are legal or otherwise?


There's no correct time to get our tyres checked, worn tyres are just as dangerous in the great British Summer as they are in the winter.


Stopping distances, fuel consumption, cornering and breaking in a straight line are some of the problems caused by worn, defective or mismatched tyres.


There is of course your driving license to consider as well as the costs for any fines imposed.


It is possible to be fined up to £2500.00 and awarded three penalty points for EACH tyre that does not conform to the law.


Drop in to Pratt Brothers and we'll offer you a FREE tyre check.

Equally as important as a good set of tyres are regularly serviced brakes and pads.


You may find that the car tends to pull to one side under breaking or your stopping distance is affected.


It's much less expensive to have your brake pads changed regularly that wait until you hear the dreaded scrape of metal on metal.

If you've turned the volume down on your in car entertainments system recently you may have been greeted with an unwanted surprise.


A noisy exhaust would usually mean emmission problems, poisoneous fumes in the driving cab and may also attract unwanted attention from the law

Get them  all checked out today at Pratt Brothers

Any of these could be an MOT failure.

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